Recycled Tin Foil – 4 Rolls – 30cm x 10m


  • 4 rolls of recycled tin foil
  • Fully recycled and recyclable
  • An eco-friendly choice
  • Made from recycled aluminium
  • 100% recycled cardboard
  • 30cm x 10m

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4 Rolls of Recycled Tin Foil – 10 metres

Eco Green Living has developed a new tin foil which is made from 100% post-consumer waste meaning that every roll has had a previous life. The annual production of aluminium foil in Europe last year was 800,000 tonnes. The extraction and production of new aluminium has a high carbon footprint contributing to 2.5% of the total CO2 emissions each year. Creating our 100% recycled foil uses 95% less energy to produce as there is no need for power-intensive aluminium extraction.

Our 100% recycled foil is a great alternative to regular tin foil- especially for anyone starting on their eco journey and looking for a simple eco swap. It can be used to help keep your food fresh, line baking trays, for baking and even craft projects!

Eco Green Living recycled Aluminum Foil is made from recycled aluminium & is 100% recyclable. This recycled tin foil uses 95% less energy to produce than traditional aluminium foil, making this a much more environmentally friendly option. This extra-strong and extra-thick aluminium foil is available measures 30cm x 10 meters. Eco Green Living plant a tree for every roll of this foil that you buy. Eco Green Living recycled foil helps to keep food fresh and tasty, preserves taste and helps to contain moisture. Use this foil to store food while maintaining its temperature for longer periods. Also suitable for lining oven trays and is refrigerator safe. It’s also great for craft projects!


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