Deluxe Family Compostable Household Pack


  • 1 x  25, 4l freezer
  • 1 x 30m cling film
  • 1 x 20, 10L caddy liners
  • 1 x 20, 20L bags
  • 1 x 3, 240L wheelie bin liners
  • 1 x 30 sandwich bags
  • RRP: £19.85
  • Huge saving on this pack when you order online

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100% Compostable Household Pack, all-in-one solution, US and EU certified

An environmentally conscious person is kind, enlightened, and desperate to reduce their carbon footprints!

The Biodegradable Household Pack is perfect for these individuals because the pack offers solutions for efficient, eco-friendly storage, and waste control.

Are you new to eco-friendly living and want to start reducing carbon footprints right away? This pack is a good place to start!

The Biodegradable House Pack contains Biodegradable Freezer Bags, Biodegradable Bin Bags, Biodegradable Wheelie Bin Bags, and Biodegradable Sandwich Bags.

  • Compostable Freezer Bags – lets you store (fish, meat, etc.) efficiently, in the freezer
  • Compostable Bin Bags – conveniently meet the most stringent standards for environmental friendliness
  • Compostable Wheelie Bin Bags – These bags let you collect garden waste, like small twigs, grass cuttings, and hedge trimmings, and on bin day, the bag along with its content will be accepted by waste collectors
  • Compostable cling film – 100% compostable certified
  • Compostable Sandwich Bags are perfect for the storage of on-the-go foods, such as sandwiches, fruit and snacks

This is the only certified biodegradable household pack on the market! (As evident from their US ASTM D6400 certification and European BS EN 13432:2000 certification.)

This pack also offers a unique all-in-one solution for the household.

What are you waiting for? Order today and maintain or begin your lifestyle of eco-friendly living!

How to use compostable sandwich bags and biodegradable freezer bags

  1. Avoid sources of heat as hot water and microwaves.

How to use compostable wheelie bin bags

  1. When full, don’t lift the liner from the wheelie bin
  2. To help ensure the bag remains intact for the 2-weeks between collections, keep your wheelie bin out of direct sunlight. The heat will accelerate the break-down process.
  3. Until collection date is near, avoid putting grass cuttings into the liner because grasses generate heat as they start to compost


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