Dog Deluxe | Large Compostable Dog Waste Bags | 5 rolls of 40 bags


  • 5 rolls of 40 bags – 200 bags in total
  • RRP:  £19.95
  • Huge saving when ordering online!
  • Easy to carry and tie
  • 20% stronger than competitor bags
  • Water-resistant and leak proof
  • An eco-safe and environmentally-friendly choice
  • Made from 100% natural and renewable resources
  • Certified to European Standard EN 13432 for Compostable Products
  • Certified to US Standard ASTM D6400

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100% compostable dog waste bags, plant-based, ASTM D6400 certified

Compostable dog poop bags are a new innovation. Are you a dog owner who wants an eco-friendly way to pack dog poop? Are you a conscious pet owner who wants to reduce water usage, solid waste, electricity cost, and emissions – all disadvantages arising from the use of non-decomposable materials? If yes, read on.

Astonishing statistics show that 90.5% of all plastics have never been recycled. This calls for more awareness of environmentally-friendly products, and biodegradable dog waste bags are just one!

Made from cornstarch and other bio-based proprietary components (PBAT), they are EN13432 Certified (EU) and ASTM D6400 Certified (USA). These bags breakdown and decompose in just 90 days, helping to keep our landfills, seas, and the planet plastic-free.

The bags are durable, scent-free, tear-proof, and have a silky feel. They don’t stick to each other and are easily separable.

Be wary of many self-acclaimed biodegradable bags on the market! Most of them are actually not biodegradable and the manufacturers should have used another name. This is the only certified biodegradable dog waste bags on the market as backed by its US and European Union certifications. If you want to make a kind contribution to the environment, it’s better to do it right.

What are you waiting for? Add biodegradable/compostable dog poop bags to cart, and pack your pet poop with a clean conscience!

What are compistable dog bags made of?

Many other biodegradable poop bags are oxo-biodegradable, which means they’re made out of plastic mixed with additives that help them break down into microplastics. They’ll never decompose completely; they just get smaller and smaller until they’re invisible.

ASTM D6400 certification is the way to tell if a biodegradable poop bag claim is legit. ASTM 6400 is the U.S. test specification for materials that break down with zero microplastic remnants. (ASTM D6954 is the standard for the earlier-described oxo-biodegradable materials.) ASTM D6400-compliant bags are made out of plant-based materials like tapioca, cornstarch, and soy protein. Also, if kept away from UV light, they have a shelf life of one to three years.


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