BioBag 240 Litre Compostable Wheelie Bin Liners – 1 Roll of 3 Liners


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100% compostable 240 Litre wheelie bin liners, BS EN-certified

We supply compostable wheelie bin liners that make it easy to be more environmentally friendly in the home.

BioBag bin bags are much stronger than the competitor brands. Use them to collect and compost your garden waste like twigs, grass, and hedge trimmings.

BioBag bags are made from cornstarch, our wheelie bin liners are 100% biodegradable.

They carry the European standard seedling logo and are certified to BS EN 13432:2000.

All compostable wheelie bin liners should be used within 12 months of purchase.

Use wheelie bin liner to line your bin, and on bin day, the bag along with its content will be tipped into the waste collection van for composting. Simply replace the liner each time you empty your bin.

Biodegradable wheelie bin liners allow moisture in waste food to evaporate and are breathable. This means that the contents of your bin dry out and prevent mould formation. Odours and smells are significantly reduced as well.

Compostable wheelie bags act as an effective barrier to viruses, bacteria, spores, and mould, keeping your bin free of nasties and clean.

Biodegradable bin bags are the only certified compostable wheelie bin on the market.

Want to start storing waste in an environmentally friendly way? Add biodegradable wheelie bin liners to your cart now!

How to use wheelie bin bags

  1. Please read the information on the side of each liner first
  2. When full, don’t lift the liner from the wheelie bin
  3. To help ensure the bag remains intact for the 2-weeks between collections, keep your wheelie bin out of direct sunlight. The heat will accelerate the break-down process.
  4. Until the collection date is near, avoid putting grass cuttings into the liner. This material is the most likely to start the liner break-down because it generates heat as it starts to compost.

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