Compostable Bin Bags | 10 Litre 1 Roll of 30 Bags



  • 1 Roll – 30 bags
  • 42 cm x 54 cm
  • Huge savings when you order from us online!
  • Fits small bins and caddies
  • Certified truly compostable
  • Eco-friendly
  • Made from natural, renewable resources
  • Strong & waterproof

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Compostable bin bags from BioBag – 10 Litre

These compostable 10-litre waste bags are made from thistles and plant starch and are certified as 100% compostable and truly biodegradable. Because these compostable bags are breathable, they allow moisture into organic food waste to help speed up degrading. You can decompose these bags completely in a home composting setting.

  • This range of 10-litre waste bags is certified as 100% compostable for home and industrial composting.
  • Compostable waste bags will decompose within 8 to 12 weeks
  • No harmful microplastics or plastic residue is left behind
  • Completely earth-friendly and environmentally friendly
  • Made from non-edible organic materials – nothing is wasted
  • Easy to tie-handles, easy to carry
  • Developed using innovative technology
  • The strongest and only truly biodegradable waste bags in the market
  • Packaged in a recycled and recyclable box for shipment

Our customers can be sure that all of the products on our website have been tried and tested. We only sell environmentally friendly products. All of the products listed on our website are premium quality so there’s no need to check for alternatives. Competitor brands may claim to be biodegradable but may not always be 100% biodegradable. Always check that products labeled as compostable and biodegradable are certified as such.


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