Eco Green Living biodegradable bin liners for food waste, in various sizes. High-quality, earth-friendly compostable, and biodegradable caddy liners for food waste recycling. You can use these products as a compost bag for your caddy.

Our compostable caddy liners come in different sizes, check the size guide images for more information. 6l compostable bags usually fit a small kitchen caddy or bathroom bin. As well as being a caddy liner, these compostable bags are also safe to store food!

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10L Compostable Waste Bags | 1 Roll of 20 Bags

compostable caddy liners6 litre caddy bag

6 Litre Compostable Caddy Liners | 1 roll of 30 liners

12l compostable bagcaddy size

BioBag 12 Litre Compostable Waste Bags | 1 Pack – 14 Bags

60 litre and 10 litreOut of stock

BioBag Caddy Liners (10L) & Bin Bags (60L) | 100 Bags

6 litre caddy liners

BioBag Small Caddy Liner Pack | 6 Litre | 180 Bags

60 litre 6 litre bagsOut of stock

Biodegradable Caddy Liners (6L) & Bin Bags (60L) | 140 Bags

Out of stock

Caddy Liners & Small Compostable Bin Liners

Out of stock

Compostable 10 Litre Waste Bags | 120 Bags

Out of stock

Deluxe Family Compostable Household Pack

compost caddy buy onlineOut of stock

Kitchen Compost Caddy | FREE Starter Roll Of Bags 30 bags

60 litre and 10 litreOut of stock

Small (10L) & Large Bin Bags (60L) with Dog Bags | Pack